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About Us

Affordable luxury at its finest. Established in 2014, Naquirkee is a multi-labelled concept store offering shoes, bags and other fashion accessories which are unique, fun, stylish and above all, quirky. We possess an unorthodox approach in the items that we acquire, making sure we stand out from the otherwise washed out market. The house offers an array of shoes, bags, luggage, accessories and tech-friendly leather items for the discerning fashionista, entrepreneur and trendsetters alike. Braccialini, Carrano, Gabs and Kanna being some of the brands that can be found under the ever-expanding Naquirkee roof. Other brands include Inuovo from Turkey and Holster from Australia known for their bling-ed out beach sandals. Proudly situated on the second floor of the prominent Petronas Twin Towers, this location ensures that our products are at the very center of the global market. The multitude of bangles, chains and clutches that are made from buffalo horns are nothing short of amazing. We are the epitome of eccentricity, the very definition of quirky. Why fit in when you can stand out?




Piquadro is an Italian brand and company that specialises in innovative leather business bags and accessories.  Piquadro designs are distinguished by high degree of functionality, and elegant and authentic Italian style.   Its sense of style is informal yet professional.   The spirit of Piquadro products is in the ‘tech-inside’ concept, which inspires the design of each and every item.  For Piquadro, functionality goes beyond holding high-tech accessories and touches on all aspects of the product; new materials, new tests in order to verify their reliability and new internal organizational solutions in order to continually make the items more convenient and useful for everyday life. The materials, construction and functionality are such that Piquadro products are of professional quality and reliability. A Piquadro bag is an intelligent accessory. Professional life keeps getting busier and more hectic. Piquadro gives you a hand in tackling it: engineered for business.


All Piquadro products are carefully designed. The company has various patents in recognition of the numerous technical and functional innovations implemented. Even the smallest detail is researched and designed by an internal team of designers who know and interpret the brand’s values. The development of increasingly new solutions and the search for the unusual in design and technology is the result of constant research on materials and trends, often in collaboration with the most important design schools in Italy and abroad. For Piquadro, the creativity of youth is an important source of inspiration. Attention to new talents is expressed in the promotion of competitions that give young designers the opportunity to work on special cases, demonstrating their own potential.





Naquirkee is a multi-label concept store offering shoes, bags and accessories which are unique, fun, stylish and quirky. The house brand offers an array of shoes, bags and accessories.   Braccialini , Carrano, Gabs, Holster and Kanna are among some of the shoe and bags brands which can be found at Naquirkee store.  Accessories offered at the store include bangle, bracelets, chains and clutches made from genuine stingray leather and buffalo horns. Stingray leather is the latest trend in the fashion industry known for its classy nature and longer life span compared to other leathers. Its minimal cleaning requirements and superb finishing makes it a new fashion statement. Buffalo horns on the other hand have been used for thousands of years for adornment purposes for its long lasting nature and natural texture design.




Gabs bags are versatile, colourful, fashionable and uniquely multi-functional. Nearly no other label features a relaxed and young style as good as Gabs does. Fine weaved patterns, sometimes multi-coloured, give a three-dimensional look to the front sides of Gabs bags, totesand shoulder-bags. Models made of nappa leather use colour-blocking as eye catcher but the smooth material impresses even if it is uni-coloured. These bags are printed all-over with different motives. There are Gabs bags with flower patterns, mermaids, graffiti, ethno look, dogs.. no boundaries but your imagination! No matter if it is weaved patterns, smooth leather, fashionable prints or metallic-looks, Gabs is always looking for something new. Turquoise buttons and fresh designs are what the young Italian it-label is known for. The majority of Gabs bags can change its form thanks to the clever system of buttons. There are many ways to wear them: quadrangular, in trapeze form, bowling bag or you can change a little cross-body bag into a handy clutch.


Bags by Gabs are real quick-change artists! Even if your bag alone is not enough there is an additional, foldable shopping bag inside every Gabs bag. Another feature in changeability is the zipper. Some models can extend their size quick and easily. Standing for much more than funny bags and purses the successful brand Gabs shows a new way of life.





Talent, pure amusement, glittering colors, precious materials and a good dose of fantasy are the ingredients of the creative mix that characterizes a Braccialini handbag; endowing an accessory with an eternal and universal style that unites passion, charisma, personality and liberty.

Playfulness, uniqueness and ‘Made in Italy’ are the benchmark values that assure the unmistakable recognition of a Braccialini handbag and that have allowed for the company’s rapid expansion worldwide.  Braccialini handbags, conceived for the woman who loves to be noticed, who wants to be original and ahead of the times with a style of her own that escapes the dictates of fashion rules. Braccialini handbags tell a story and raise emotions, moving beyond set boundaries and honoring the highest of craftsmanship values.




Renowned in the segment of shoes and handbags, Carrano presents models made for urban women who follow trends.  Originated from Brazil, Carrano allows the evolution of women’s personality and attitude.  Carrano’s sexy, imposing DNA is present in all its collections. 






Inuovo is Turkey’s largest leather women’s footwear brand introduced in 2010.  Behind the brand is a 100% family-owned company with 100 years of history in designing, manufacturing and retailing women’s footwear.   The products are made of genuine leather tailored with artisan handicraftmanship and styled with young and urban femininity.  Inuovo shoes are made to inspire modern women’s fashion statement through emphasis on caring for their looks, comfort, confidence and happiness.  Its collections are designed in-house with a twist of chic, feminine and bold details.    Inuovo collections are inspired from today’s women who lead high-paced lives in different cities around the globe. 





Holster is Australia’s leading jellies footwear brand based in Noosa Beach, Australia. Holster creates innovative women’s and children’s footwear for the beach and beyond.    Holster shoe is of superior quality and is embellished with A-Grade jewels, studs, Swarovski elements and crystals, whilst constructed with a unique focus on detail.  Many of its collections offer greater foot support than flat soles shoes, given the arched sole design. 





Kanna footwear brand was established by brothers Juan and Tomás De La Cerda in Spain. Jute is the hallmark and DNA of the brand Kanna along with other natural fibers such as raffia fiber, wicker esparto grass, straw, and cotton.  These natural resources are applied to Kanna products in compliance with its essence, without modifying its plant origin.


Kanna collections represent and show the variety and combination of materials such as vegetable tanned leather*, gemstones, textiles and handcrafted ornaments.  Kanna transmits its corporate philosophy and lifestyle through its Mediterranean shoe design. Kanna adapts to the latest fashion trends without sacrificing comfort and naturalness of materials.


The Mediterranean lifestyle sets the characteristics of Kanna products, the sea and its salt; the sun and the sunlight, the people and its culture are the basis of its inspiration.


*Natural Vegetable-Tanned Leather is one of the oldest methods of making leather and has been used for thousands of years. It uses natural tannins found in barks, wood and other parts of plants to convert animal skin into leather. This is the most environmentally friendly way to tan leather and the process is very lengthy, therefore expensive - but widely recognised as the most desirable for high quality.