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Shopping Guide: Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Where did Fall go? How is it suddenly Winter? When did glittering Christmas trees spring up in shopping malls around town and delicate ornaments miraculously appear on every streetlight? 2016 flew by with a slew of exciting happenings for both our company and the world. Not to Trump (get it?) over the other good deeds that we were fortunate enough to have been a part of like the Pink Ribbon month last month where we donated a part of our sales to support the Cancer Research Malaysia Foundation in hopes of propelling local cancer research. Every little bit counts and we would like to thank all our customers who dug deep into their pockets and helped make it a success!...

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School Holiyays!

The primary and secondary school terms are coming to a close and exciting end-of-the-year vacation plans are slowly taking shape. This calls for an extensive reshuffling of wardrobe choices. Now don’t cringe just yet, it may not be the debacle that you have in mind. Our editors are here to here to make it easier and have carefully formulated a detailed step-by-step solution that is both chic yet cost-effective. It goes:   Step 1: Holsterize.   Your vacation outfit will not be complete without a sparkly pair of holsters. They’re supremely comfortable and versatile enough for the beach or for simply strolling around town doing a little shop and dine. They’re best worn with a smile or a booming laughter...

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Step up your beachwear game!

We love beaches. Its not just the kids, we as adults take every chance to hit the beach as often as we can. It might be the sounds of the smooth waves crashing, the abundance of sunlight and Vitamin D, the feeling of sand in-between our toes or the myriad of coloured shells gleaming from underneath the clear blue waters. The reasons are endless. They are all valid.   We are bombarded with Facebook and Instagram feeds of lucky individuals who always seem to catch more Vitamin D than the rest of us. Don’t believe us? Search for the #beachday hashtag. These individuals always seem to have their outfit on point. Coordination is key here. Observe.   Skimpy bathing suit?...

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Cross-body check

The invention of the long bag strap has been a Godsend to those who choose to live a hands free existence. They simply fling their various sized bags over their shoulder and let their hands roam free to experience other entities. This is especially useful during those frenzied sample sales where you need the ability to hold on to an item with both hands while weaning off another shopper with your perfectly toned thighs.Zumba classes aside, nowadays, discerning fashion folk look to the cross-body bag as an inherent accessory, completing every outfit with just the right amount of quirk and panache. The cross-body has definitely earned its place in the fashion hall of fame alongside the classic totes and the...

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Chic for the Summer.

     It’s the middle of summer now, are you out of new ways to accessorize yourself? Fear not, grab a Gabsille and you’re all set!      Made in Florence, the capital of Italian Renaissance Art, Gabsilles are pretty in an unconventional way. Gabsilles stand out with their quirky, mischievous, yet trendy prints. They’re the perfect match for ladies who want to be fashionable and unique, but refuse to share the monotonic look against the crowd.      Do you want to be the “It Girl” in town? Drape yourself in some limited edition Gabsilles, where there are only a thousand made for each print, making their owners one in a million, or more specifically, one in a thousand. In addition, the...

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